Baron Spices: Custom manufacturer and blender of spices,

seasonings, herbs, flavors, and extracts.

First Place Foods: Goldin Brand - Pickles Dill,  Bread & Butter Pickles, 

Kosher Spears, Jalapeno items.

Fry Foods: Complete onion rings and breaded appetizer line.

Leo's Dressings: Clean and quality salad dressings.

Desserts, Baked Goods, & Sweets:

Mike's Pies:  Elegant desserts for full service or single serve dessert pies.


Dallas USA/Echo Foods Poultry Processor Sized Breasts Strips,

Commodity Raw chicken, Portion Breasts.

Manchester Farms Quail whole & parts, Foodservice, and Retail. 

Specialty Appetizers.

Southern Hens:  Fully Cooked Diced and pulled Chicken,

Chicken Broth, Rendered Fat.

Who we Represent

Lenox Food Sales


Frenchy’s Creole:  Boudin – Mild and Hot,  Cajun Sausage,  Gumbos,  Etouffee.

Mexquisite Salsas: Tomatillo based salsa base and fully prepared salsas.

Chungs: An innovative line of traditional and new style egg rolls.

Fat Crab: Mexican crab.


Son Beverage:  Sno-Cone Syrups,  Fruit Punch Base,  Lemonade Base,  Margarita Base,  Aguas Frescas.


PanSaver: High-temperature pan liners & packaging for various food products

Proteins/ Major Entrees:

Deen Meat Company (FW) Fajita Flavored Beef & Poultry, Cooked & Raw Meats, Kettle Cooked items.

Kennedy's Sausage: Premium breakfast sausage and fresh bacon. 

Laxson Provisions Taco Fillings - Pork Chorizo, Carne Guisada, Barbacoa,  Pork Sausage items.

Smokey DenmarkAustin institution making all varieties of Smoked sausage, Bratwurst, Kielbasa, and hot links with Texas flavor. includes specialty products from a long list of ethnicities.

Beef International:  Black Angus roast beef, shredded pork, cooked pork osso buco, and shredded beef.

Chef's Requested: Center of the plate value.  Bacon wrapped filets, full variety of cut steaks, stew meat, cubed steaks, grilling patties.

WG Provisions: Rabbit and goat products.


Ricos: Cheese sauces, Chili sauce, RTE Popcorn, Nacho & Tortilla Chips, Jalapenos,

Peanuts, Salas & Sno-cone Syrups

Taste Traditions of Omaha:  Macaroni & Cheese Boil-in-Bag, Spanish Rice Boil-in-Bag, 

Pre-Made Enchiladas, Beef & Chicken,  Soups – Complete Variety.

Farm-to-Market Foods: Custom kettle cooked side dish items.